Research and Development

InterK’s research is directed at several major unmet needs, ie,

1. Avoidance of autoimmunity associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) which has become the nemesis of checkpoint blockade therapy for advanced cancers.

2. Improving the anti-cancer response of patients with metastatic cancer.

3. Identifying a “peptide signature” to identify patients with advanced melanoma who respond to ICIs AND do not develop autoimmune responses.

4. Overcoming immune dysfunction associated with aging.

5. Adjuvant-mediated enhancement of vaccine efficacy against corona-/influenza-viruses.

6. Repairing damaged DNA in skin cells and preventing the rising incidence of melanoma secondary to ultraviolet (UV) radiation despite the increasing use of sunscreens.

7. Minimising UV-induced collagen breakdown in the skin and damage to the marine environment associated with chemical UV blockers.

The immunomodulating effects of one of InterK’s peptide assets directed at achieving a balanced immune response is described in a recent publication (Agrez M et al, Scientific Reports, 2022,

Preclinical development of peptide based therapeutic candidates in Sydney Australia

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