Research and Development

InterK Peptide Therapeutics is a preclinical biotechnology company developing immune-boosting synthetic peptides to treat a number of diseases and conditions. 

Cancer Immunotherapy

In the area of cancer immunotherapy InterK is currently undertaking a clinical study to evaluate the effect of its compounds on immune cells in patients with metastatic melanoma receiving checkpoint blockade therapy.

The goal is to determine whether InterK’s compounds may have benefit as a combinatorial therapeutic for patients with advanced cancers and whether a “peptide signature” exists prior to treatment that can identify patients who are likely to respond.

Influenza A Virus

InterK is currently evaluating the effect of its compounds in preclinical models of influenza A virus infection.

The COVID-19 pandemic: a potential treatment / vaccination against SARS-CoV-2

InterK’s therapeutic candidate IK15800 specifically inhibits the activity of kinases known to facilitate SARS-CoV viral entry and replication within cells. In addition, kinase activity responsible for the severity of lung inflammation is inhibited by IK15800.

Furthermore, IK15800-enhanced IFNγ production by immune cells may have therapeutic benefit given that SARS-CoV viral replication and expression of the coronavirus binding-enzyme on host cells, ACE2, is inhibited by IFNγ.

Finally, IK15800-enhanced production of IL-15 and expression of the IL-15 receptor, IL-15Rα (CD215) by immune cells, raises the possibility that IK15800 may be useful as an adjuvant in vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. 

Pain Management

InterK’s immune-boosting compounds inhibit pain equivalent to morphine in neuropathic and inflammatory preclinical models. Their role in minimizing opioid addiction is currently being explored.

Skin Damage

InterK’s immune-boosting compounds prevent UV-induced DNA damage, collagen breakdown and melanin production.

Preclinical development of peptide based therapeutic candidates in Sydney Australia

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