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About us

InterK Peptide Therapeutics is a preclinical virtual biotechnology company developing peptide-based immunotherapeutic candidates to treat a range of diseases and conditions such as cancer and chronic infections that require immune boosting.

InterK��s compounds selectively activate just a single kinase in the kinase proteome that leads to production of cytokines required for an adequate immune response by normal and exhausted immune cells.

These compounds have been shown to exert their beneficial effect not only on normal immune cells but also on immune cells that have become exhausted.

The Company is based in Sydney, Australia and for the most part functions as a virtual biotech company. InterK��s research program involves a number of specialized CROs located in the USA, UK, Europe and along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. All research is conducted on a fee for service basis and the Company owns all intellectual property associated with its research program and technologies.

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Phone +61 418 212 254

Preclinical development of peptide based therapeutic candidates in Sydney Australia

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